What is Spamming?
  1. The sending of unsolicited emails which provoke complaints from the recipients.
  2. Posting commercial ads to USENET newsgroups that do not permit it.
  3. Posting articles containing binary encoded data to non-binary newsgroups.
  4. Excessive and repeated posting of off-topic messages to newsgroups.
  5. Excessive and repeated Cross-Posting.
  6. Email harrassment of other Internet users.
  7. And it is NOT illegal under 47 U.S. Code 227 !!!
    (But it IS inconsiderate)
  8. International Spam page

Individuals and organizations who abuse the open Internet community and their service by selfishly sending out unsolicited communications put legitimate Internet services and commerce at risk.

We therefore takes a hard stance against the sending of unsolicited communications. We ask for your help in STOPPING SPAMMING.

We suggest you, as a WWW user:

  1. Investigate every occurrence of reported spamming and to protect users from being harassed by unsolicited emails.
  2. Cut spammers off fast so they choose not to use the Internet and cannot benefit from the service.
  3. Prosecute spammers when possible so that they do not continue with their behavior of sending unsolicited emails. Interfering with an Internet Service Provider is a Federal Crime. It comes under the jurisdiction of both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Secret Service. The FBI has formed the Computer Crime Unit to track down and prosecute people who break the new laws relating to computer crime.
  4. Maintain effective audit information to respond to issues regarding suspensions, terminations or legal proceedings.

How can I help stop spammers?

Contact the Spammers Services Immediately.

The best way to stop spammers is to immediately alert the Spammers Service of abuse. This enables them to terminate spammers' accounts before they receive responses to their emails. This stops spammers profiting at the expense of the Internet community.

If you have received what you consider is a "spam" from any user or are a user receiving "spam" please contact The American Civil Liberties Union They might investigate the occurrences of spamming and act quickly to stop this abusive behavior. You must check with your local branch for the availability of services. If they have the resources, and determine that a spamming has occurred, they will do everything they can to get the Spammer suspended from his services, or maybe even assist you in a lawsuit.

You might be able to join one already in progress!

Confirmation of violations CAN result in termination of their Internet Access accounts and criminal prosecution should be taken wherever possible against any abuse of the Spammers services, We also suggest you refer spamming activity to the proper legal authorities including the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Computer Crime Unit. Interfering with an Internet Service Provider is a Federal Crime.

Other Resources

When contacting an agency the most helpful information is a copy of the communication, the offenders contact phone number, mailing address and/or email address.

The Better Business Bureau has an online complaint area if you receive offers that use unfair or illegal selling practices.

The National Fraud Information Center is a project of the National Consumers League, America's oldest nonprofit consumer organization. NFIC helps consumers report and avoid fraud.

United States Postal Inspection Service should be contacted for specific Unsolicited Mailings which are illegal such as chain letters.

Do all you can to keep these slime-balls off the Internet.

Remember, this is a fragile place, the WWW, and we ALL need to work together to protect it. It just may be the last platform of free speach!


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