12 Step Plan
  to become PRESIDENT!  

We all have a leader,
and everyone "approves" of him,


Well,  60% of you do.
So....     Just follow his lead, OK?

Here is how, with his
12 step process:

  1. Never "work" a day in your life at a "real" job.
  2. Be sure to use drugs and promote them to your friends.
  3. Marry someone with money in a power family for "protection".
  4. Dodge the draft by lying and screwing your friends.
  5. Consort with the enemy in time of war, aka: Treason.
  6. Cheat on your wife and pervert your friends.
  7. Eliminate (kill) friends that are a threat.
  8. Tell the people what ever they would like to hear.
  9. Break any law you feel like 'cause you're the pres.
  10. Manipulate the government so you don't get caught.
  11. Never admit your mistakes.  Get others to lie for you.
  12. Take credit for the good work of others.  All the time!

Follow this easy
12 step program....

  AND THEN maybe you too  
 can become president.  

Think about it....Seriously!
(A great role model for our children, huh?)

Check this:
"Every new day seems to shed more light on the extent to which Bill Clinton and Al Gore abused the power of their offices for their own political gain...."

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