Follow the money? Not quite.


The following is a partial list of the people who are presumed 
to be "Casualties" of the various Clinton Scandals. The current 
scandals include: Whitewater Development, Inc.; Morgan Guaranty 
S&L; Mena, AR drug smuggling; The Arkansas Development Finance 
Authority; Travelgate; philandering, etc. A "Casualty" is defined 
as anyone threatened with harm or actually harmed because of their 
knowledge of and/or involvement in one or more of the Clinton 
Some of the "Casualties" were openly murdered, but many were killed 
in such a way so that their deaths could be ruled accidents or 

This was especially true if they died in Arkansas where the medical
examiners routinely rule apparent murders as either accidents or 
cides when it suits political purposes. In fact, this is so common 
that it is often referred to as "Arkancide" or "Arkansas  Suicide". 
Unfortunately, at this time, there is no way to identify who is 
responsible for the decision to target these people or who actually 
carried out these threats or attacks.
This information has been compiled from a variety of publicly 
available sources and is believed to be correct but may contain 
errors or omissions. Anyone with corrections or additions may forward 
them to the author.

??/??/86  1.) Russell Welch, an Arkansas State Police Investigator,
          was stricken with what his doctor called "military-grade" 
          anthrax poisoning during his probe of Mena drug operations.
          Welsh did recover, thanks to a very astute doctor.

??/??/86  2.) Alder Berriman (Barry) Seal, the head of the cocaine 
          smuggling operation at Mena airport, was murdered.
08/23/87  3.) Kevin Ives, a teenager who lived near Mena, AR, was run 
          over by a train close to Mena. First ruled a suicide, a 
          later autopsy showed he was murdered before he was run over 
          by the train. He may have gotten too curious about air drops 
          he had seen in the nearby countryside.
08/23/87  4.) Don Henry, a friend of Kevin Ives, was also run over by 
          the train on the same night. His death was initially ruled 
          a suicide, too, but a later autopsy showed he was also 
          murdered before he was run over by the train.

04/??/88  5.) Keith Coney, an individual who claimed to have 
          information about the deaths of Kevin Ives and Don Henry, 
          was fleeing an attacker on his motorcycle, when he slammed 
          into the back of a truck. Police ruled it a "traffic fatality".
11/??/88  6.) Keith McKaskle, another person who claimed to have 
          information about the Ives-Henry murders, was brutally 
          stabbed to death in his home. He knew someone was after him 
          so he had said goodbye to his friends and family.

01/??/89  7.) Gregory Collins, another person who claimed to have 
          information about the Ives-Henry murders, died from a shotgun
          blast in the face. 
04/??/89  8.) Jeff Rhodes, another person who claimed to have 
          information about the Ives-Henry murders, was shot in the 
          head. His burned body was found in the city dump, with his 
          hands, feet, and head partially severed. 
????????  9.) Richard Winters, another person who claimed to have 
          information about the Ives-Henry murders, was killed by a 
          man using a sawed-off shotgun.
????????  10.) Jordan Ketelson, another person who claimed to have 
          information about the Ives-Henry murders, died of a shotgun 
          blast to the head. 
          A total of six individuals that claimed to have information 
          about the Ives-Henry murders ended up being murdered them-
          selves. Not one arrest was ever made with regard to these 
          murders or the "activities" at Mena. It is highly unlikely 
          that this could have occurred without the cooperation of 
          the authorities.

08/10/91  11.) Danny Casolaro, a reporter who was investigating 
          several of the Clinton Scandals, was found dead in the bathtub 
          of a hotel room in West Virginia, with his wrists slit. He had 
          earlier warned his family that his life was in danger and if 
          he was found dead due to an apparent accident or suicide, 
          not to believe it.
??/??/92  12.) Sally Perdue, one of Clinton's "regulars", was 
          offered a $60,000/year federal job to keep her mouth shut; 
          or she would have her legs broken. When she did come forward, 
          she received a series of threats; but luckily for her, the 
          American press mostly ignored her.
06/26/92  13.) Gary Johnson, an attorney who lived next door to 
          Gennifer Flowers, was beaten severely and left for dead by 
          two thugs who broke into his apartment. It seems he had 
          videotaped some of Clinton's "visits" and had mentioned the 
          existence of the tapes to other people. The intruders made 
          sure THEY TOOK THE "CLINTON-FLOWERS" TAPES after they finished 
          the beating.

07/20/92  14.) C. Victor Raiser II, the co-chairman of Clinton's 
          presidential campaign finance committee, was killed in a 
          plane crash near Anchorage, AK, in good weather. With his 
          inside knowledge of the Clinton operation, he had become 
          disillusioned by what he had seen and thus became a potential 
          (There are reported to be several ways for hit-men to rig 
          small aircraft to crash so that they appear to be accidents.)
07/20/92  15.) Montgomery Raiser, the son of C. Victor Raiser, died in 
          the plane crash with his father.
05/19/93  16.) John A. Wilson, a Washington, D.C. councilman, "hung
          himself". He allegedly knew a lot about Clinton and was 
          reportedly going to start talking before his death made that 
07/20/93  17.) Vince Foster, a former partner in the Rose Law firm and
          White House aide, was found dead in Fort Marcy Park. It was
          ruled a suicide, but this conclusion does NOT square with
          the testimony from the man who found the body (the 
          Confidential Witness) or much of the forensic evidence. 

07/23/93  18.) Paul Wilcher, an attorney, was found dead in his 
          Washington, D.C. home. The coroner either could not find or 
          did not report the cause of death. At the time of his death,
          Wilcher was investigating gun-running and the drug business 
          in Mena, AR. Shortly before his death he wrote a 105-page 
          letter to Attorney General Janet Reno describing evidence 
          that he allegedly had concerning Mena. The first page of his 
          letter stated in part; "The lives of key participants, other 
          witnesses, and even myself, are now in grave danger as a 
          result of my passing this information on to you. If you let 
          this information fall into the hands of the wrong persons...
          some or all of those who know the truth ...could well be 
          silenced in the very near future."
08/15/93  19.) Jon Walker, an investigator for the Resolution Trust 
          Corporation (RTC), mysteriously "fell" to his death from 
          Lincoln Towers, in Arlington, VA. In March 1992, Walker 
          contacted the Kansas City RTC office for information 
          concerning the ties between Whitewater and the Clintons. 
          He reportedly was looking into a 50 million dollar transfer 
          from an RTC fund in Chicago to Madison Guaranty Savings & 
          Loan to cover up a 47 million dollar embezzlement.
09/26/93  20.) Jerry Parks, the owner of a security firm that 
          provided security for Clinton's presidential campaign, was 
          gunned down, assassination style, in Little Rock. The Clinton 
          campaign had failed to settle an outstanding debt to Parks 
          for $81,000 at the time of his death. Mr. Parks, had compiled 
          detailed records of Clinton's sexual affairs and his 
          attendance at "drug parties". Parks' wife said her husband 
          threatened to go public with his information if Clinton did 
          not pay the bill. Parks' home was broken into only hours 
          before he was murdered. THE ONLY THING TAKEN FROM HIS HOME 
11/30/93  21.) Ed Willey, the manager of the Clinton presidential 
          campaign finance committee, died of a "self-inflicted" 
          gunshot wound. He was seen handling briefcases full of cash 
          during the campaign.
02/??/94  22.) L.J. Davis, a veteran journalist, was knocked uncon-
          scious in a Little Rock hotel. Pages were stolen from his 
          notebook that contained information on the inner workings 
          of the Rose law firm. He later received threats to back off 
          the story.
03/01/94  23.) Herschel Friday, a member of the Clinton presidential 
          campaign finance committee, was killed when his plane
          crashed as he approached his private landing strip near his 
          Arkansas home, in a light drizzle.
03/03/94  24.) Dr. Ronald Rogers, a dentist from Royal, AR, was killed
          when his twin-engine Cessna crashed near Lawton, OK, in 
          clear weather. He was on his way to see Ambrose Evans -
          Pritchard, a reporter from the "London Sunday Telegraph", to 
          reveal some "dirt" on Clinton.
05/11/94  25.) Kathy Ferguson, the ex-wife of Arkansas State Trooper
          Danny Ferguson, was found dead with a gunshot wound to the 
          head, in Sherwood, AR. The right-handed Ferguson supposedly 
          shot herself behind the left ear. It was labeled a suicide 
          even though much of the forensic evidence does not support
          this finding. She died five days after her ex-husband, was 
          named a co-conspirator in the Paula Jones case.
          Kathy had told friends that Clinton had sexually harassed
          her in a manner similar to that reported by Paula Jones. She
          purportedly had knowledge of Clinton's "regulars" and often 
          talked about how Clinton had gotten Danny to bring women to 
          him and stand watch while they had sex. Part of Danny's job 
          was to make sure that each woman was ready and willing when 
          she and Clinton got together. Kathy said she heard that 
          Clinton was really mad when Paula Jones wouldn't "put out".
06/12/94  26.) Bill Shelton, an Arkansas police officer and boyfriend 
          of Kathy Ferguson at the time of her death, was found dead 
          of a gunshot wound to the head, in Sherwood, AR. He was shot 
          behind the ear which is usually the sign of an execution. 
          His death was also labeled a suicide. Shelton was highly 
          critical of the conclusion of local police that Kathy had 
          committed suicide and he aired his complaints widely.

06/23/94  27.) Stanley Huggins, a partner in a Memphis law firm, was 
          found dead in Delaware at age 46. Huggins headed a 1987 
          examination into the loan practices of Madison Savings & 
          Loan. He produced a 300-400 page report that has never been 
          made public.

10/31/94  28.) Florence Martin, an accountant who had worked as a 
          subcontractor for the CIA, was found dead in Mabell, TX, 
          the victim of three gunshot wounds to the head. She had the 
          documents and paperwork as well as the pin number to an 
          account that had been set up in the name of Barry Seal for 
          $1.46 million dollars at the Fuji Bank in the Cayman Islands. 
          Following her death the money was moved to the Guaranty Bank 
          in the Caymen Islands and then was transferred from that bank 
          to another bank believed to be in the Virgin Islands.

Ongoing   29.) Dennis Patrick, a Court Clerk in Kentucky, has had at 
          least four documented attempts on his life. Lasater & Co., 
          a Little Rock brokerage firm owned by Dan Lasater, a FOB and
          convicted cocaine dealer, laundered millions of dollars 
          through Patrick's account at Lasater, without his knowledge. 
          Patrick is currently in hiding.
Ongoing   30.) A black woman, who is the manager of a Little Rock 
          Mc-Donald's restaurant, and one of the seven or so Clinton 
          "regulars", is frightened for her life after confirming that 
          Clinton has an extremely small penis. (Gennifer Flowers, 
          Paula Jones and others have also independently corroborated 
          this distinguishing characteristic of Clinton's anatomy.) 

Ongoing   31.) Larry Nichols, a former official of the ADFA and 
          author of "The Clinton Chronicles", was apparently poisoned 
          in November 1994. On a recent TV show Nichols said, "I guess 
          they will have to try again." He also stated that, "Bill 
          Clinton deals in margins" ..(paraphrasing)... he will decide 
          whether it will result in more problems for Nichols to die 
          suddenly vs. risk having him testify if the Republicans gain 
          control of the Senate." 
     Investigators of the Clinton Scandals often say that, as with
     previous scandals; to get to the truth, follow the money. 
     However, with these scandals the ultimate truth may be more 
     easily found by following the BODIES.
     SOURCES: "The Clinton Chronicles", "The Economist", "Media
     Bypass", "The Pittsburgh Tribune Review", "The Congressional
     Record", "The News Reporter", "London Sunday Telegraph", 
     Insight", "The Sunday Times", "Reuters", "AP", "USA Today",
     "The Arkansas Democrat Gazette", "The Wall Street Underground",
     "The American Spectator".
     Larry Nichols, Chris Ruddy, Sherman Skolnick, the Vince 
     Foster Confidential Witness, Karen Bixman, Ambrose Evans-
     Pritchard, Scott Wheeler, Rebecca Borders, Alejandro Benes,
     Ken Cook, John Crudele.

              David Stanowski <72702.457@CompuServe.COM> 


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