Press Release

JULY 20, 1997
By Hugh Patrick
For immediate release 
Washington, D.C.- For the past four years the United States Government and
the mainstream media have staked their entire reputations on a transparent
lie about the assassination of Deputy White House Counsel Vincent W. Foster.
 Today is the fourth anniversary of Vincent Foster's death July 20, 1993.
The "Report of Investigation by Medical Examiner" authored by Dr. Donald Haut
and available at the National Archives confirms that the Fiske Report was
wrong and paramedic Richard Arthur was indeed right when he said under oath
that there was a bullet wound to Vincent Foster's neck.  This neck wound was
absent from the official autopsy report.  Dr. James C. Beyer's "Report of
Autopsy" states that Mr. Foster shot himself in the mouth and that the bullet
exited from the back of Foster's head.  The bullet has never been found.
Paramedic Richard Arthur stated under oath that "...there was a bullet hole
right here [in the neck]...right around the jaw line."  The first Whitewater
Counsel Robert B. Fiske in his report dismissed Arthur's testimony saying
that "Arthur believed he saw a bullet wound in the right side of Foster's
neck.  These wounds did not exist.  The autopsy results, the photographs
taken at the scene...conclusively show these wounds did not exist."  Much of
the evidence however, is inexplicably missing.  Park Police officers stated
under oath that many of the body site Polaroid photos vanished and all the
35mm pictures taken of the body were underexposed.  The autopsy doctor James
C. Beyer claimed his x-ray machine did not work even though his report shows
x-rays were taken.
Dr. Donald Haut wrote in his report (page 2), "gunshot wound mouth to neck ."
Kenneth Starr announced July 15 that he agrees with the Fiske Report which
falsely concluded, "On the afternoon of July 20, 1993 in Fort Marcy Park,
Fairfax County, Virginia, Vincent W. Foster Jr. committed suicid bring a
bullet from a .38 caliber revolver into his mouth...the evidence
overwhelmingly supports this conclusion, and there is no evidence to the
The truth is Vincent W. Foster did not die as the American People have been
told by the mainstream media and government officials at every level in
Washington D.C.  For the past four years the American press has simply
repeated the official government version of Mr. Foster's death and ignored
inconsistencies pointed out by critics calling them "conspiracy theorists"
and "kooks".  Hugh Sprunt, one such critic, recently discovered Dr. Haut's
report while examining other Foster documents at the National Archives.
Mr. Sprunt discovered the document along with Patrick Knowlton, a key witness
in the death investigation.  Mr. Knowlton was at Fort Marcy Park on the
afternoon of Vincent Foster's death, but he did not see Mr. Foster's Honda in
the parking lot shortly before the body was discovered.  The authorities
claim Foster parked his Honda in the lot, walked 758 feet into the park and
killed himself.  Patrick Knowlton is suing FBI agents assigned to Kenneth
Starr for violating his civil rights, alleging witness intimidation and
obstruction of justice in the death investigation of Mr. Foster. 
With the press on their side, government officials are confident that the
American public will never know the truth about Vincent Foster's
assassination and the cover-up that included witness intimidation by FBI

"Don't believe a word you hear. It was not suicide. It couldn't have been." 
-Assistant Attorne General Webster Hubbell, 7/20/93, cited in Esquire, 11/93.  

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