The Fox the Weasel and the Chicken. - by John R. Beaman November 7, 2001

There is a conflict between being a Democrat or a Republican.  

Democrats want our country to become a "Democracy", and are trying to "make 
the world safe for democracy".

Republicans want our country to remain a "Republic", like our Constitution 
says we already are, by the rule of our Laws.

Let's look at an example, to help us decide which we should be:

Imagine a commune.  The Fox is the salesman, the Weasel is the bookkeeper 
and the Chicken manufactures their goods to sell.

As a Democracy, what do you think would be for dinner?

In a Republic, like our united States of America, it would be illegal to 
eat Chickens.  Because any other way, there would be nothing for the Fox 
to sell, and no work for the Weasel.

Democracies do not work for this exact reason.  That is why trying to 
change our Republic into a Democracy is a bad idea.

A "Republic" is a "REpresentatation of the PUBLIC". 

Our "government" is our LAWS.  The people that run our government are our 
representatives of us, the public, "We the People".  They work for us.  
It is OUR country, by our laws, not the whim of the majority. 

Without our Laws, and in a democracy, as promoted by the Democrats, the 
Weasel and the Fox would be having Chicken for dinner, and the whole 
thing would be lost.  They would then look to us, the working people, to 
support them with our own hard earned money, and we slip into becoming 
socialistic, and into a communistic country.

Short Version: 
So, when anyone tries to promote this "democracy", just ask them:
"What's for dinner for a Fox a Weasel and a Chicken in a democracy?"

Think about it...  Better yet;

Read the Communist Manifesto.  Compare it to the planks of the Democratic 
party.  There is almost no difference.  Try Socialism.  It may sound 
good, but it doesn't work.  That is why there is never any connection to 
"democracy" in any of our countries Constitution, Bill of Rights, or in 
any documents or Laws.  Go ahead, look for it.  It just ain't there.

Read about Hitler's methods, it sounds like what the Democrats have been 
promoting.  By the way, Hitler never broke any of Germany's laws!  He 
got the same laws changed that the Democrats are trying to change. Really.
Go look it up.

This shows you that the Democrats will get the same results if we let them 
continue promoting "democracy".  The USSR is gone.  So is Hitler, thank God.
Is this what you REALLY want?  Social programs, and "fair shares" are the 
propaganda of a group attempting to legally overthrow our government.  They 
call themselves "Democrats".  Sounds like an appropriate name to me.

"What's for dinner with a Fox, a Weasel, and a Chicken in a democracy?"

My answer?
"I don't live in a democracy, so it certainly won't be me."

        -- John Beaman - Web Master, --

Don't believe me?
Read this.
Or, this.
Try this.

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