Why Is the IRS Arming?

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Coalition for Constitutional Liberties
Weekly Update for 7/24/98
Volume I, Number 23

Why Is the IRS Arming?
A Guest Column by Jon Dougherty, USA Journal Online

You know, I think the case can be made that - to a certain extent -
there is generally nothing wrong with having a few armed federal 
agents. Most are dedicated to the law, have families of their own 
and understand the concept of policing a free society. 

For example, the U.S. Marshall's service, the Border Patrol, the 
CIA, the Secret  Service and the FBI all have specific law 
enforcement duties to perform. Most Americans, consequently, 
understand that those duties are often very dangerous and carry 
risks to life and limb. Self-protection, as well as the ability to 
protect citizens, is indeed appropriate.

But what about the Internal Revenue Service?  How can Washington
justify arming one of the most abusive of all federal agencies?  
The government's tax collectors don't need firepower, do they?  
Apparently lawmakers believe they do. In fact, between 1998 and 
2000, the IRS will have spent some $1.2 million on weaponry - the 
very kind the socialists in government are denying to ordinary 
Americans. How typical.

The most recent budgetary figures show that the IRS has already 
purchased a million dollars worth of SigArms high capacity 
semi-automatic handguns, and by the year 2000 the IRS will have 
spent $200,000 more on high capacity Remington shotguns. 

However, budget figures only tell part of the story. Now you know 
how much is being spent to upgrade and arm IRS agents, but that 
doesn't explain why the government believes IRS agents have a need 
- or even a right - to be armed in the first place.

Don't worry, I can already hear the cogs spinning in the heads of 
the propaganda-meisters. Officials at the Treasury Department will 
undoubtedly say that IRS agents  who operate in the field are 
expected to go on arrests and therefore are required to be armed.

But the Treasury Department won't explain why IRS agents should be
authorized to arrest anyone in the first place. With other federal 
law agencies at their disposal, the Justice Department doesn't need 
IRS cops.

Oh, but that's the kicker, isn't it?  If you violate federal tax 
laws, you get to appear before specific tax courts, not just any 
federal court. In other words, Washington, D.C. is so scared they 
are going to get cheated out of a dime that they have established 
the IRS as a virtual fourth branch of government. Their own laws, 
their own code, their own courts, their own cops.

You can murder unborn babies, but by golly don't even think about 
cheating on your taxes.

And what about these budget figures? You know that the government 
is getting a "deal" on these weapons, so figure that a Remington 
shotgun of the type they're buying will likely cost around $300. 
Sig Sauer semi-auto pistols go for about $750. Do the math: That's 
about 667 new shotguns and about 1340 new pistols, or enough for 
about 560 IRS teams of two if you figure in having the agency keep 
some spares lying around.

That doesn't count the number of weapons already in the IRS arsenal 
that are not getting replaced in this budget. Who knows what the 
real number of weapons the IRS has in their possession really is.

Furthermore, why would Congress - especially after both Houses have 
recently held hearings into the various and sundry IRS abuses over 
the years - even authorize arrest powers for IRS agents?  Is 
everyone brain dead in Washington?

Didn't various senators and representatives just inform the American 
people that they didn't much trust the IRS either?

Something smells worse than second-hand tobacco smoke here.

There is no reason to arm IRS agents anymore than there is a reason 
to arm Department of Energy agents, State Department agents, some 
Postal Service agents, federal Bureau of Land Management agents, 
Park Service agents, and so on. According to a recent report in 
WorldNetDaily, the federal government claims some 85,000 armed 
federal agents - with about 20,000 new ones trained each year.

It should not be the IRS' job to arrest delinquent taxpayers. After 
they investigate a crime and get a warrant from a judge to execute 
an arrest, they should be turning those warrants over to traditional 
law enforcement agents either on the federal level or on the state 
and local levels - preferably both. IRS agents, who are already 
operating under a prejudicial mindset against taxpayers, do not need 
firepower to help enforce tax laws.

Americans need to know what is happening here. When Washington 
worships our money more than our freedom - to the point of arming 
its tax collectors - something's seriously wrong in paradise.

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