Since 1913, a silent disease has slowly swept across America, hopping quietly from household to workplace to schoolrooom, mutating on numerous occasions and growing stronger and more virulent with each decade.

This persistent, encroaching affliction is now more infectious than AIDS and more tenacious than genital herpes, having caused more hundreds of billions of dollars in lost man hours than these two diseases plus the common cold, influenza, polio, whooping cough, the german measles, the chicken pox and Gulf War Syndrome all combined.

Currently, over 100,000,000 Americans are known to be full-blown carriers of the contagion - more than the entire number who suffered from Europe's Great Plague of many centuries past - with tens of millions of additional victims becoming infected each year.


Symptoms include severely sweating palms, panic disorder, pounding headaches and, in some cases, heart palpitations. Extreme cases have resulted in nervous dementia leading to total mental breakdown and, in several cases, suicide. Manifestations appear to be seasonal, with symptoms waning in early summer, waxing in early winter and becoming full-blown in early spring.

It's name? Imaginary Requirements Syndrome, or "IRS".

Technically, "IRS" is a syndrome and not a true disease since it consists not of a single affliction, but of a host of cosynchronous, underlying maladies - all psychosomatic - including (but not limited to) the following overlapping beliefs (*):

* That the filing of tax returns is required by law of citizens living and working with the now fifty States of the Union;

* That the "owing" of an income tax on domestic sources of taxable income is required by law of said citizens;

* That the application for and use of a taxpayer identification number (SSN or EIN) is required by law of others than nonresident aliens and foreign corporations;

* That an audit of books and records can be enforced on the citizen who is not engaged in the manufacture, sale and distribution of alcohol, tobacco and firearms products, and;

* Many more persistently entrenched imaginary requirements.

Precise transmission modalities are difficult to ascertain, however the affliction is known to be purely cognitive (mental) in nature and passed from most parents, teachers, pastors and certain other adults to most youngsters - and not just to their own children.

Disease vectors include primarily the spoken and printed word:

* The spoken word transmitted in direct conversation or via one-way communication over commercial television and radio, and;

* The printed word transmitted via public schoolbooks, government pamphlets, publications of certain "organized religions", and other like vehicles.

Although verification through autopsy of the brain of a known victim of "IRS" has yet to be performed, the primary locus of the disease appears to be in the medulla oblongata where so-called "short term" memories are stored and, later once firmly established, in the frontal cortex where "long term" memory of illusions, erroneous mind sets and other false mental constructs are known to be maintained alongside known facts, verifiable truths and personally confirmed experience.

(*) a belief is distinguished from a datum (a known fact) in that the holder relies upon certain mental images and constructs (beliefs) and not upon actual, personally confirmed information (knowledge).


Various symptom relief centers have been established around the country to assist "IRS" sufferers, all of which can be identified by street signage identifying them as "financial planning centers", "tax preparation offices" and "law firms".

While certain "over-the-counter" remedies including aspirin and certain adult beverages are known to have assisted some "IRS" suffers, the only known absolute cure has been found to be the organized visual, oral and auditory consumption and digestion of certain specialized information (education).


To wit, with the steady, consistent application of increasing daily doses of knowledge of America's tax laws and their conformity to the federal constitution, all symptoms of "IRS" gradually abate, eventually to vanish forever.

In fact, remission rates of 100% can accurately be predicted among those former victims who adopt a steady course of faithful and persistent educational self-treatment consisting solely of a healthy diet of factually accurate information, with subsequent reinfection proven impossible once sufficient mental antibodies to all imaginary requirements have been produced.


To date, no major entertainer has been willing to come forward to host a national "telethon" or other major fund raising mechanism, nor has any First Lady been willing to get behind a full-fledged national campaign to teach Americans to "Just Say No To 'IRS'!".

This vacuum of celebrity support leaves research into the causes of "IRS" to be funded by the voluntary educational donations of recovered victims and of others whose family members were immune due to previous innoculation with suitable education. Many aong the current generation of home-schooled children are now known to be permanently immune.

WON'T YOU HELP? -- Why not make a donation today? Read a little each day from the United States Constitution, Madison's Notes, Elliot's Debates, the Internal Revenue Code and the taxing regulations.

Learn to discern "color of law", "legalese", judicial utterances ("case law") and "wild theories" (patriot mythology) from truth and established fact.

STIRRING TESIMONIALS -- The strongest testimonials are heard from recovered "IRS" victims, now numbering in the low millions by various estimates.

They recommend:

* "I got better, you can too!"

* "Ignore the experts, learn to think for yourself!"

* "Bury the 'tee-vee' and learn to read all over again!"

* "Sit down with your kids and teach them the truth!".

Good advice! Together, we can overcome "IRS" in our lifetimes and, hopefully, stamp out Imaginary Requirements Syndrome once and for all.

Remember, as we always say: "If you want to BE free, you have to LIVE free!".


Each week, our office receives a torrent of questions from fellow Americans struggling to get to the truth about their lawful duties and obligations with regard to the paying of income and employment tax, to tax withholding, to the requirement to file returns, to the use of the SSN and EIN, and far more.

While no one, including us, has all the answers, our particular area of expertise lies in our understanding of the limited application of those taxing clauses in the Constitution which pertain to lawful taxation, and the statutes and regulations written pursuant thereto. For without a proper understanding of the constitutional protections afforded private property, or as Jefferson referred to it, "the Pursuit of Happiness", it is impossible to begin to understand Liberty itself.

"In a recent conversation with an official at the Internal Revenue Service, I was amazed when he told me that 'If the taxpayers of this country ever discover that the IRS operates on 90% bluff, the entire system will collapse'."
-- Henry Bellmon, U.S. Senator (1969)

http://www.informamerica.com - "The Truth BEHIND The Income Tax"
http://www.save-a-patriot.org - "Where Liberty Comes First"
http://www.taxfreedom101.com - "It Pays To Discover The Truth"
http://www.libertymall.com - "Where Free People Shop!"


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Founder and President: INFORM AMERICA!
Nat'l Representative: Save-A-Patriot Fellowship

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