It has nothing to do with SEX, Mister Bill....

  Dear Mr. Clinton;

We don't not care so much that you cheated on your wife, or have broken your marrage contract with her, as that is your own personal business. BUT:

  • You have discraced the Office of the Presidency.
  • You have had extramarital sex in the peoples house.
  • It's not private when you do it in OUR White House.
  • You have committed purgury. ( A Criminal offense. )
  • You have obstructed justice. ( A Criminal offense. )

    This is not about sex, Mr. Clinton. You have broken the law. You are a liar, a cheat, and a discrace to our nation.

    Why should you not resign from office right now?   Why require more pain and discrace to our country at the taxpayers expense by requiring the impeachment process?

    You cannot do the business of running the country, for which you were employed, when you are too busy with this kind of activity. You are NOT above the law Mr. Clinton.   Your credability has vanashed with all the worlds leaders.   You can no longer be effective as our President, and you certainly don't represent me.

    "If a President of the United States ever lied to the American people, he should resign."
          -   Bill Clinton, July 1974

    Please, just leave now, and take your wife with you.

    Wait a minute, that means Al Gore would be president....


  •   Sincerely,
      John Beaman
      Patriot, and Citizen of the united States of America.

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