Supplemental statement by Devvy Kidd

I have posted this information to my site because I am sick and tired of watching those in positions of upholding the law, continue to flagrantly violate the law. There are thousands of retired military, those guys and gals who put their lives on the line for YOUR freedom, who are having their military retirement pay levied by the IRS even though it's unlawful. I have been to the law library and verified that all the information above is legally accurate and reads exactly as shown in the United States Code and Public Law 101-510.

Do the military retirement pay offices know they are breaking the law by allowing the IRS to levy retired pay? YES. I know two specific cases where one pay officer told the retiree that while they knew this was unlawful, they were afraid to go against the IRS. The current case I'm trying to assist with is another example of lawlessness: the pay officer in Cincinnati admitted six weeks ago that the law was being violated but continues to ignore the retiree.

Where are the Clinton's? Where are those bastions of holier-than-thou, "We feel your pain" members of Congress? Why do they allow this to continue? Where is the brass in our military with some backbone to step up to the plate and tell the IRS that they are in violation of the law and that their agency will not participate in such a travesty and unlawful actions? They are no where to be found because they're all afraid of this rogue agency called the IRS.

When I call the IRS a rogue agency, that's exactly what I mean. If you have ordered the information packet put out by my project, CLICK HERE FOR ORDER BLANK, you have seen the legislative history of the Internal Robbing Service and the irrefutable fact that this agency of thugs and criminals were never created by an act of law or by Congress. No? I strongly recommend you order this information package and you'll get this history and all the government documents that state in clear language that the income tax scheme in this country is voluntary. Not voluntary compliance, but voluntary.

How much longer can our nation survive if everyone in a position of authority continues to violate the law with no one making any effort to stop this lawlessness? How much longer are the people of this country going to just walk around in a state of unconsciousness with their eyes open and their minds dead, only reacting when it touches their wallet or when the TV guide comes wrinkled in the mail? My, God, if this happened to seniors on social security, the roar and television coverage would be deafening.

Where is the leadership of the VFW, The Retired Officer's Association and associations for retired NCO's? I can tell you where: They're in Washington, DC kissing the backside of the members of Congress while allowing this flagrant violation of the law to continue. You people had better wake up and smell the coffee. These cretins in the U.S. Congress, with the exception of maybe Paul, Barr and Chenoweth, are worthless - both parties - and they have allowed the Communist Chinese to burrow deep into this country putting America in clear and present danger.

What can you do to stop these unlawful actions by military pay offices? First, if you are a member of any military association for retired members, it's time to climb down the throats of your elected or appointed leadership. Demand that they stomp on Washington right now and demand that Congress notify all branches of the military that they will adhere to the law and stop all levy against retired military by the IRS. Congress, not Billy Clinton, is the body that regulates the laws and operations of all branches of our military.

The hell with Congress' big vacation coming up. Our military retirees, like so many other Americans being destroyed by unlawful acts against them by government agencies, are suffering. I personally don't know how any of these people in the U.S. Congress can look themselves in the mirror every morning or sleep at night. Their crimes against the people are almost unspeakable and I don't care what "party" they belong to.

Second, if you're not in the military or a retiree, won't you please take the time to write a short letter or send an e-mail to your congress critter and tell them that you are aware of this unlawful activity by military pay offices and you want it stopped? It is reprehensible the way Congress and too many people in America treat our military, both active and retired.

These men and women are our defense. They are what will protect US should one of these Commie nations decide to move against America, and anyone who thinks the Communist Chinese don't have their eye on this vast land mass, they are living in a dream world. If you aren't up to speed on the Commie beachhead being established down in Long Beach, California, you need to find out about this treason by William Jefferson Clinton and the Congress. If America were ever attacked, our active military will be in crisis due to the destruction of our fighting force by Congress and Billy Clinton. Our veterans will be critical in augmenting active forces.

Everyone is so hot about the movie, Saving Private Ryan. That movie is about war. See those guys with their guts blown out, arms and legs twenty feet down the beach? Those soldiers depicted in that movie are OUR military. The blood and guts and dying is what millions of them, including my husband, have already lived. Our active military know that tomorrow, any day of the week, they could be called up to die for this country and YOU. I don't know about everyone else, but I am humbled by the courage of every single member of our armed forces who have served and serve today.

If I seem angry in this posting, it's because I am. I am sick to death of watching my country go down the rat hole because of apathy, stupidity and the refusal by those in elected offices to stand up for what's right. I am sick to death of situations like this with retired military pay being levied by the IRS - even though it's against the law - and no one doing diddly squat to stop this unlawful plunder.

Third, if I were someone in power in one of these retired military associations, I would put together a massive effort over the next 45 days. Congress will only be in session 89 days in 1998. The other 276 days will be spent denying, lying and fund raising. All these associations should attend each and every local town hall meeting of their congressman/woman while they are in their districts from now until the elections in November. Make your voice be heard.

Fourth, if you are an attorney in any of the fifty states, we need your help. In some cases, it only takes a letter or two from a law firm to get these pay offices to buckle and remove these unlawful IRS levies. Our Wallace Institute is stretched right now and we just can't handle all these retirees in different states who need legal help now. If you can volunteer to write a few letters to assist in getting these levies lifted, please contact me at

As I close this rant, I ask: what if this were you? What if the IRS were strong-arming some agency that was unlawfully levying or garnishing your wages? What if no one cared? What if you had no where to turn? America must unify and go after the key world order mechanisms. We know that social security was only fraudulently sold to the American people to track your income. We know that the IRS was created by someone, somewhere, to force you to volunteer your earnings to pay the unlawful usury to the privately owned "Federal" Reserve Banking System. These three mechanisms are joined tightly and we must stay focused in breaking them by using the law. That's why I continue to encourage everyone to become a citizen sponsor of The Wallace Institute - Click to go to Wallace Institute.

These three mechanisms are the key to bankrupting and stripping this country blind. I've said it before and I'll say it again: all Americans who are in the social security system who need to stay in, America must honor those commitments. But, everyone else and especially children, do not get into this system. Let it die a natural death twenty or thirty years down the road. The funds from IRS do not fund one single function of the government and certainly not SS. If you ordered my information package, you've read the government documents that validate this statement. Education is so important.

For all you veterans out there who are being unlawfully levied, keep checking this web site and this section. I'm trying to get the paperwork together that once and for all forces the pay offices to stop these IRS levies. If we can get it into some sort of format, then it can be downloaded, put on your letterhead and hopefully, enable the average retiree out there to be able to accomplish the mission without having to hire a lawyer. These unlawful levies take the money a retiree needs to obtain competent legal counsel to stop these unlawful levies. Because their money is being unlawfully stolen by the IRS, then they don't have the funds to hire counsel. In the meantime, please America - roar about this, someday it could be your retirement or pension being unlawfully levied.

August 27, 1998

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