Motorola's Huge Technology Transfer To China

By Joel Skousen 
World Affairs Brief c. 2000 Joel Skousen
Quotations with attribution permitted
Terence Jeffrey of Human Events reported the shocking
inside story of Motorola's $1.5 billion investment in
China's high tech computer and communications
industry. Typical of the way China does business with
Western investors, Motorola agreed to "localize both
its staff and operations inside China. China requires
that corporations who have any military-related
technology set up manufacturing within China. This
policy has been agreed to by Russia as well as the US.
This allows China to clone the technology at will
without having to evade US export restrictions. It
will also allow China, during the next war, to seize
all foreign corporate assets and turn them directly
into war production centers. Here's a brief list of
the damage Motorola has done: 
- Spent $1.02 billion last year on locally sourced
materials, components and services by forming
partnerships with Chinese suppliers and helping them
with designs and new technology. 
- Established 6 joint ventures and 10 cooperative
projects with some of China's best enterprises and
research facilities and erected an 18-story building
in Beijing's business hub. 
- Set up 18 research and development centers in China
with 650 researchers including a National Research
Center for Intelligent Computing Systems in Beijing,
which is dedicated to research and development of
advanced computer technologies." 
- Established three micro-processor/controller
laboratories at universities in China, and will expand
this program to 20 additional universities over the
next five years. 
All of these joint ventures will help further China's
quest to become self-sufficient in high tech military
In other news, the Clinton administration gave a giant
boost to China's military potential by giving China a
modern version of its integrated war planning command
and control software. This system is a forerunner of
what our military uses to manage and integrate Army,
Navy and Air Force elements into a seamless battle
plan' where all elements can share real time data
through satellites to control the movements between
different military units. Without these complex
management tools, war planners cannot respond in a
timely manner to battle front changes relative to on
going intelligence gathering. China needs this
desparately before the next war. While the version
given to China by the Clinton Pentagon is not our
latest, China's new research centers will soon have
the tools to adapt and modernize it--thanks to
Motorola's generous investments. 
ANALYSIS: Motorola's treachery can be explained. All
of the big eight mega-sized military contractors have
insider (black budget) deals worth billions of dollars
with the US government. I think that as a price for
being on the inside track, every corporation in our
military industrial complex is required to be involved
with joint ventures with Russia and China, as well as
with Israel, who in turn serves as a conduit to other
hostile nations like Iran. The Commerce Department has
shown that it cannot be trusted to halt these
technology transfers. With leaders like the late Ron
Brown' deals with hostile nations are actively
solicited, and then covered up. I have detailed in
past issues Boeing's ongoing joint ventures with top
Russia weapons labs, and Lockheed Martin's deals with
Russia. Even NASA is busy shoveling money and
technology to Russia to get the International Space
Station boondoggle up and running. There seems to be
an under-the-table agreement between all these
corporate whores and the dark side of the US
government to service the needs of Russia and China in
return for lucrative black contracts, free from
Congressional scrutiny. Almost all of the smaller
military contractors that have been bought out
recently in a government-encouraged merger-mania were,
perhaps, less than willing to go along, and were thus
forced into hard times by cut-backs in government
contracts. Now they have to be absorbed. 
Thus, it is the height of hypocrisy when the Clinton
administration make cautionary statements to Russia
about technology transfers to Iran and Syria. The
words mean nothing. Just this week, Sec. of State
Albright authorized another $500 million loan to
Russia. What happened to the threats of cut off of aid
over Russian nuclear weapons transfers to Iran or
Russia's genocide in Chechnya? Have any of those been
resolved? The list of double talk and violations of
this administration's own rhetoric are too numerous to

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