Did you know that the Federal Reserve is neither Federal nor a Reserve, and
that the entire NATIONAL debt 5 Trillion and growing by the minute with
interest owed to this FOR PROFIT, private corporation which is owned by
international trillionaire banksters.  

You may say, so if it is bad, how come the economy is doing so well etc etc
?  Simple, the Fed keeps lending more and more worthless paper money to the
Government, increasing its grip and Pocketing REAL money and power from the
interest, they may never collect the 5 Trillion, but they are and have been
pocketing the interest !  They are loaning the government money to help the
government pay interest on money they borrowed from the same VAMPIRE !

Did you know that the Federal Reserve was "created" in 1913 along with the
Federal income tax (Ammendment 16) and was ratified by possibly only 4
states legally, the rest were by sleight of hand and some have never
ratified it TO THIS DAY ! Notably, Connecticut, The "Constitution State" as
indicated by the logo on their car license plates, NEVER Ratified the 16th

If you think only rebels speak in such terms, here is quote from Woodrow
Wilson, a former president no less: 

    Woodrow Wilson said he had "unwittingly destroyed my (his, OUR) 
country."  He said this after realizing what he had done when he signed 
the Federal Reserve Act.  It took three years for him to come to this, 
but in 1916, Wilson was grieving over his deed.  We are still grieving 
over it, and the destruction he had foreseen is upon us.  
Did ya know that Prescott Bush, George Bush's Papa, who owned the
Union Bank corporation of New York, made loans in the billions to none other
than our chum Adolf Hitler !! As a side bar, first thing Hitler did
was institute mandatory gun registration, next was gun confiscation, next
was the HOLOCAUST !!!!

These are all facts, we cannot convince you, you MUST look it up yourself.
To understand the New World Order (NWO) (New Wierd Odor), look closely at
the United Nations (NewYork HQ donated by none other than than the
Rockefeller Bros.); the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and the history
behind the Federal Reserve's creation (Nelson Aldrich, Nelson D.
Rockefeller's granddaddy introduced the Federal Reserve bill in congress)

  Here is a list of NWO co-conspirators:

      The Federal Reserve and its subsidiary
      The IRS (Immensely Rich Socialists who bail out failed
               banking schemes (S&L debacle, Mexico etc etc))

      The United Nations (NY HQ donated by Rockefellers)
      The International Monetary Fund (IMF)
      The World Bank
      The World Health Organization (WHO)
      The World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA)

      The World Council of Churches (If not a member your church is 
       considered a CULT !)

      The Cult Awareness Network (Instrumental in WACO Massacre)
      The World Conservation Bank
      The Trilateral Commision (George Bush a member)

      The Council on Foreign Relations 
         (CFR: Bush, Klinton, Gingrich are all members)

      The Rockefeller Foundation
      HCI (Hand gun Control, Inc.)
      CNN  !!!
      ABC  !!!!
      NBC  !!!!
      CBS  !!!!   (Now maybe you know why the news is skewed?)


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