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Investigations of Improper Activities

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  • The report contains allegations of 11 "impeachable offenses".

    Let us not forget these facts:

  •   02/12/93 - President Clinton appointed Janet Reno.
  •   Janet Reno appointed Keneth Starr to investigate.
  •   They both did their jobs in spite of Clintons meddling.

  • "I am pleased to sign into law S.24, the Independent Council
    Act... a foundation stone for the trust between the Government
    and our citizens. It ensures that no matter what party controls
    the Congress or the executive branch, an independent, nonpartisan
    process will be in place to guarantee the integrity of public
    officials and insure that no one is above the law... In fact, the
    independent counsel statute has been in the past and is today a
    force for Government integrity and public confidence... This is a
    good bill that I sign into law today; good for the American people
    and good for their confidence in our democracy."

    - President William Jefferson Clinton statement
        at White House signing ceremony, June 30, 1994

    His appointed people found evidence of:
  •   Perjury
  •   Witness Tampering
  •   Obstruction of Justice
  •   Abuse of Power
    Which was the purpose of the investigation, not sex.

  • Some Additional Misc. Information:

  •   The dress has Clintons DNA on it.
  •   No amount of remorse negates a crime.

  • Where is the outrage from the ACLU and womans groups?
    The company president had sexual activities in the company
    offices with a subordinate employee, on company time.  We
    are the "stockholders" of this company.  That is "why" you
    should care.  And don't give me that "ignorance is bliss" crap
    either.  No other CEO would survive these admitted acts!

    A Democrat's Comments

    And now from Hillary R. Clinton herself:
    "...Yes, if an American president had sex in the
    Whitehouse with an Intern, and lied to the American
    people about it, he should resign..."

      -- Hillary Clinton,
          on the Today Show, January 1998 --

    The next step:
    Now the people we elected to represent us, will take the results
    found by Clinton's own appointments, and render their decision
    in our behalf, to follow a course of impeachment, or not. 

    We shall see.

    September 28th Report:  Current Status  NEW!

    My opinion? OK, here it is:

      What's the difference between
      Monica's blue dress and Bill Clinton?
      The blue dress will eventually come clean.
    P.S. I wrote Hillary a letter.  You can read it here, and
    maybe write her yourself, here.

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