From the Clinton Democrats website:

After learning that there are MANY professors all over this Country TEACHING our young adults who are KNOWN to have ties to terrorism it is clear that Americans once again right here, right now need to fight to take back America! And if you listen very carefully, slowly but surely in EVERY area of our society America is becoming unrecognizable to those of us who truly ARE American.

Think about these events:
  1. Removing prayer from our schools

  2. Removing pledging allegiance to the our flag

  3. Considering a change from ENGLISH to something else for our universal language

  4. Renaming the celebration of Christmas trees to "holiday" trees

  5. Even having to ask what we should do with "illegal immigrants"

  6. Allowing anyone with criminal background, terrorist connections to TEACH in ANY area of EDUCATION in this Country

  7. Permitting EVERY kind of Foul, Filthy language AND sexual material to flood our televisions AND music and call it "a Constitutional RIGHT"

  8. Finding out that OUR public officials have lied, stolen, and cheated the American people AND they not only do not go to jail, they STAY in office

  9. Watching decent hardworking citizens going to JAIL for defending themselves from harm due to a system that protects the criminals

  10. Watching a once highly respected position of a Judge reduced to a television sitcom.

  11. Sending our children to schools that could at any minute erupt into gun fire and turn play grounds into grave yards because states REFUSE to spend the money or the time on metal detectors at each entrance of the school buildings

  12. Watching our teenagers and others who have succumbed to the steadfast belief that "this buds for you" or if your cool your drinking a Miller light become hardened criminals and often times murderers behind the wheel, just BECAUSE automakers will NOT install thumb print alcohol detectors "FACTORY" into EVERY vehicle... if it doesn't start it can't hurt anyone? There is far too much $ to be made.

  13. Rewarding designers who put out clothing AND models who weight 90 pounds by paying the big ticket prices AND what we get in return are a society of young girls who are bulimic, anorexic, and worse dependent on drugs to measure up to that expectation.

  14. A society where parents can no longer sensibly discipline their children without FEAR of abuse charges... and then we wonder why those same children are taking GUNS to school and Killing their classmates? Could it be that they fear nothing? That they have NEVER had to be held responsible for their actions... maybe they came up with these ideas during their "time outs"?

The list could go on and on and on but I think we are getting the idea that America just does not look or ACT like the America that it once was or that it should be, and finally, remember when the highest, most respected position in the Country WAS the Presidency, AND we all knew this was someone who was a great leader, evidenced by their YEARS of service to the Country, the vast respect of the citizens, AND through those years gained the Worldly WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, and REVERENCE to bring both the Country and the People to a better place.

And in 2008 there are Americans who want to elect Barac Obama as President of the United States? Don't you wish someone would take the wheel of this car that is speeding downhill with no one driving it???

The United States did not get this way over night and we cannot fix it overnight, but we must ALL take a stand to fix it and START now one area at a time. No more free rides and no more looking the other way, we MUST keep our eyes open and on the Changes we need, and BEGIN by educating ourselves about EACH AND EVERY public official AND making sure those who are NOT in the best interest of this Country DO NOT get into office! Beginning with Obama. Each bad decision by our so called leaders have led to exactly where we are now, which contrary to what many of them would have us believe is not as bad as it could get. We still live in the best Country in the World and if the REAL AMERICANS STAND UP for what they want, we can have OUR Country back.
posted here 5/24/09

Also, how about we stop calling our country a "democracy", because we arn't one?

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