T A X A T I O N  

  "The Internal Revenue Code does NOT apply  
  to the Natural born inhabitants  
 -- who are living and working within the 50 states -- 
  as long as they are NOT involved in certain occupations."  

  The occupations under jurisdiction of the IRS are those:  

  1. involving alcohol, tobacco and firearms; or,
  2. acting as a fiduciary of nonresident aliens; or,
  3. one having filed a Form W-4.

Having a valid Form W-4 on file makes one an employee, because the IRS does not otherwise have jurisdiction.

If one has established that one is a United States citizen, then, of course, one must obey the corporate Union State/Federal laws.

Notice that I said "United States citizen" and not "Citizen".

A person who has "voluntarily applied" for the privilege of participating in the "taxing" program, and WANTS to receive social security entitlement, also agrees to the terms of participation. The terms of participation requires one to ALSO participate in the deductions by the agency for the program, the IRS. Those who have CHOSEN to participate, have voluntarily subjected themselves to the jurisdiction of those who administer the provisions of the IRS forum.

When one obtains a social security number, there is a PRESUMPTION created by the "benefit" that is "requested." If a person receives a "benefit", then that person is subject to the reporting and taxes assessed by the IRS. It does NOT matter that the person obtained the number while still a minor. The very fact that one possesses a "valid" number, and has used the number, is reason enough to "presume" that one has "knowingly and "voluntarily" participated in the "taxing program."

It is important that this "volunteer" has "contractually" participated and IS under the jurisdiction of the government agency responsible for administering what ever terms of the agreement that are involved. (The IRS?)

Every time one "participates", one has authorized deductions to be taken to build "credits" toward the "benefit", the future entitlement.
These entitlements need not be realized during the "contribution" process, but are "promised" for future receipt. They include, but are NOT limited to Social Security, Pensions, etc.

Having a social security number in and of itself, does NOT necessarily make one obligated to the system. BUT, signing a Form W-4 or Form S-4 creates the contractual obligation by presumption.  Of course, one cannot sign the form unless one HAS a social security number.  Right?   Right!


It is quite simple. Assuming that there is a law, is just as bad as assuming that there is no law. Remember what assume spells: ["ASS-U-ME"]

To ASSUME, makes an ASS of U and ME!

People go to jail because they violate the Commercial Code of Contracts. They, quite simply, make a mistake, and since this is a contractural arrangement with the I.R.S. (you volunteered, remember) you MUST follow that law to the letter.

You have broken the Law if you don't. It's that simple.
(HINT:   The IRS can find a way to claim that you didn't!)

The I.R.S. picks and chooses the parts of the that they choose to inforce. Interpretation is also subject to dispute.  Just call any I.R.S. office and ask a legal question.  You will get as many answers as calls you make.  It's all too simple.  Really!

Think about it....Seriously!
( Live smart, not poor...)

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