What can we do?

We have been plagued by federal regulations and statutes that are unconstitutional. We have many people in jails that have comitted no crimes. This is the definition of political prisoner. We have been surrendering our unalienable rights to bureaucrats under the claims of power that has never been delegated to them. It is time for a change and to acomplish change, we must all stand together to restore our constitutional government.

It is my opinion that ALL public officials must be bonded and have their oaths filed according to the law. Failure to stand by these oaths MUST require they vacate their positions. We have to hold them to the law, just as they attempt to hold us to it. We can't wait any longer, my friend. We must act accordingly for our own well being. Our safety is in jepardy, as is our childrens. There are more of us than there are attornies.

Can we restore our judicial system of government in spite of the Bar Association?


(In My Humble Opinion)

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