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Pat Choate
Chairman of the Board

Dear Reader:

America has the richest, most diverse economy in the world. Not surprisingly, therefore, products from around the world flow into our extraordinary market every day.

In theory, these imports should be good for everyone involved, both here and abroad. But in reality, it is not. In far too many cases, foreign workers are exploited as cheap labor. At the same time, the balance between domestic and foreign goods consumed in our economy has shifted so much, that America is now too dependent on foreign made goods. Last year alone, we bought $175 billion more goods from abroad than the world bought from us. Said another way, we became $175 billion poorer last year as we sent our money overseas.

The result of this unequal exchange is the loss of at least 3.5 million good-paying US jobs per year and a stagnating standard of living for most Americans. Left unchecked, this imbalance guarantees a diminished future for both our children and ourselves. But this need not be.

Fortunately, the solution lies neither in our politics nor with our politicians, but with each of us. It is simple -- buy goods made in America by American workers. Once we do, domestic production will rise, unemployment will fall, the tax base will grow, the federal budget can be balanced, and most important, we will pass onto the next generation the chance to lead a life better than ours.

Buying American, moreover, does not mean spending more. If each of us, for instance, shifted only $55 of our monthly purchases from foreign-made goods to products Made in the USA, there would be no trade deficit at all.

Nor does Buying American mean buying fewer or inferior goods for the same dollar. As we'll find out, American workers and companies are winners. By any measure - price, quality, innovation, or service -- they are producing goods that are equal to and most often superior to anything produced anywhere by anyone. America's indomitable can-do spirit is evident in the products in our catalog.

The goal of Project USA and the thousands of Project USA distributors throughout this country is to help solve America's trade and economic problems by offering top-quality, competitively priced US-made goods. Our Project USA buyers are finding thousands of such goods which will soon grace the pages of our catalogs.

We are also finding that the can-do spirit is alive and well across the country. Working together, we can solve our economic problems and make a better future for our children and ourselves.

On behalf of Project USA and our distributors, thank you for your patronage and support


Pat Choate

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