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The Made 'n USA Database Project is our search engine dedicated to bringing the jobs and prosperity back to the great Republic of the united States of America. We are a not-for-profit organization, and expect to provide the finest possible service within our budget, to the great people of this country. Help us support this worthy cause, and enrich your web site traffic too.

In support of this project, and to fund its operation, we provide banner and display advertising to support its pages. You help in purchasing advertising will help us keep this valuable service alive.

Buyers of American Made Products will come to these pages seeking their USA Made gifts and services. Advertising here will put your banner or display ad right in front of their browsing. This can provide a better service than most banner exchanges and display ads, as it is presented to a targeted market:

The buyer of Made in USA Products.

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We offer a unique service here.

Yes, we know of other Banner Pools, and they provide a good service for generalized Web traffic. We want to help your BUYERS find you! Yes, buyers, because that is why you advertise your products on the Internet. You want to make sales, so you can pay your provider to keep your neato page on-line for everyone to see.

You can pay $1000 per week for a banner, and you may get a few "hits" by net surfers. It is about the same elsewhere too. All of this is good, if you want to attract the general public. But not at UBC! The USA Banner Club ONLY advertises on sites supporting Made in the USA products. This is why it is so cost-effective for you to utilize this service... Qualified hits!

The right products, the right cause, the right customers, the right price!


You get monthly hit reports, and statistics
to support your marketing plan too.

Just remember that a display is only when your banner is shown to them, and a hit is where the banner actually causes a person to go to your page. You will find this far more effective and meaningful than generalized banner displays. The visitor is looking for your particular product to buy. A very potent and cost-effective program, wouldn't you agree?

And it won't cost you thousands per month per month like the others:

Compare our Prices!

Yahoo . . . . . . . $ 1000.00/week
LinkStar . . . . . $ 2500.00/month
Tenagra. . . . . . $ 1000.00/week
MMGCO . . . . $   400.00/week
UBC . . . . . . . . $     50.00/month

Don't forget:
  • With UBC your banner is shown to your buyers not just "web surfers".

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