375,500 HIGH TECH Workers being IMPORTED to USA

MICHIGAN and the ZOG White House, your "government" is fast
tracking the importation of 375,500 HIGH TECH Workers to the
USA.  Highly coveted computer industry, skilled and specialty
jobs that would have otherwise gone to American's will go to

That is right, the most desired HIGH TECHNOLOGY JOBS in the USA
will be divied out to foreign nationals being imported here even
though there are millions of eligible and willing Americans that
could man these highly prized and crucial positions.

As if it was not bad enough that millions of quality
manufacturing jobs have been EXPORTED overseas leaving Americans
having to take 3 or 4 meanial schlep jobs in place of the one
good job they lost, now the few quality positions left are being
given to foreign nationals being brought into the USA via the
"H1-B Program".  Under this cynically devised program the
foreigners are considered "nonimmigrants", whatever that is.  As
such they can stay here for up to 6 years TAX FREE.  That is
correct, many countries' citizens are allowed to work here in
the USA for up 7 years tax free.  Israelis are reportedly
allowed to go tax free for 10 years.  Reportedly, many will,
after their tax freedom ends, simply sell their businesses to a
recently emigrated relative and the 10 year tax freedom starts
again !!!  I do not have the statutes and regulations which
specify this yet, but with your help I hope to aquire this
information.  Under "H1-B", after 6 years, many "nonimmigrants"
decide to settle here permanently converting to immigrant
status.  It should be noted that much of their earnings is sent
overseas, never to be spent here.

A key aspect of the currently implemented "H1-B Program" that
the High Tech Pimps in the US wish to retain is the LACK of a
requirement of all employers of H1-B workers to attest that they
had tried to recruit Americans and had not used the program to
lay off U.S. workers.  SENATOR SPENCER ABRAHAM worked with ZOG
White House to limit the need for such attestations. [In other
words they have greased the skids].  High Tech Pimps and firms
such as Microsoft and Intel are exempt from many of the few
restrictions of the "H1-B" program, and will benefit from the
lower pay paid out to these foreign imported workers due to not
having to pay FICA etc etc etc.  Since these foreign workers are
"nonimmigrants", I am not even sure whether they are numbered
like the rest of us dogs, whoops, I meant "Citizens"...

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