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Netscape and Microsoft

Netscape Navigator v2.0 and above supports frames. Netscape is commercially available in version 2.0 (approx $50) in most software stores. You can download version 3.0 for approx $40. All versions support Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Macintosh. Installation is very straightforward.

Frames are supported only in version 3.0 of Microsoft Internet Explorer and works only with Win95. There are beta (test) versions for Win 3.1 and Macintosh. You can download this latest version of the software free of charge. Installation is very straightforward. To use the mail feature, you will need to use the Windows 95 e-mail program.

Connecting through Compuserve

You will need to be on CompuServe version 3.0 or use Netscape in conjunction with CompuServe. The current CompuServe version is 2.0.1. A new version 3.0, is now available on a first come first serve basis. This new version uses Microsoft Explorer. When entering Compuserve, go:cissoft. This will take you to a forum where you can reserve your copy of version 3.0. (it will be sent to you via mail). To download Netscape, go:netscape. After downloading Netscape, exit Compuserve, go to the download subdirectory under CIS in the Program Manager, and double click on the file to install it. This will install an entire new program on your PC. After you have verified that the new version is working, you can delete the old version.

To activate the CompuServe browser, click on the globe icon on the top menu bar. To activate the Netscape browser, minimize the CompuServe screen (the 2nd box on the top right of your screen), then click on the Netscape icon from the main Windows screen.

If you need help in configuring either the new version or Netscape, call CompuServe's free tech support number at 1-800-848-8199.

Connecting through America On Line

AOL is now using version 3.0, which has a very good web browser. If you are using an earlier version (2.5 or less), you should upgrade to the new version which uses Microsoft Explorer. Most computer magazines include a CD rom version of the new software that is very simple to install. You can also request that a CD rom version be sent directly to you by calling 1-800-827-6364.

If you prefer to download the software, you can connect to AOL, then use keyword:upgrade or keyword:download and you will be taken to a section that allows you to download the new software and install it on your PC. After you have downloaded the software, exit AOL, enter the Program Manager and go to the 'download' subdirectory under AOL. Double click on the file you just downloaded. This will install the new software.

After you have verified that the software is working, you can delete the old version from your hard drive. For additional help, you can call AOL's free technical support line at 1-800-827-3338.

Alternatives to CompuServe or AOL

While CompuServe and AOL are good ways to access the Internet it is generally a very slow connection and prone to disconnection. Another option is to use a direct connection through AT&T or Netcom. These connections are generally much faster and support any type of browser. Both programs cost $20/month for unlimited access time. All calls are local unless you live in a very remote section of the state. An e-mail address is included with each service. Netcom also provides space for a home page, if you so desire.

AT&T's software comes with Netscape 2.0, while Netcom requires you to purchase Netscape. You can request the sign on kit for AT&T at 1-800-worldnet. To get the Netcom sign on kit, call 1-800-netcom1.

If you have further questions on connecting to the Internet or World Wide Web, please contact The Little Old Web Master at:

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