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Conducting "searches" on the Internet is best accomplished by understanding the specialities offered by various Search Sites and utilizing a "set of tools" to enable you to locate specific information. We have collected these links to assist you.

The following tables provide:

If one of the links listed here fails to locate the indicated site, be sure to E-Mail us of the problem, and we'll see that it is corrected as soon as possible. (Use UP to return here.)

Alphabetical Index

Search Engine Sites allow search inquiries to find very specific information contained within the entire body of the page, when such information may not be included in the actual summary or title.

Search Engine Sites

"What's New" Sites focus on providing the most recently submitted web page sites. The Good, Bad and Indifferent. As thousands of new sites appear on the Internet daily, and the review process can take weeks, an inquiry to a What's New Site reduces the time to locate the newest available.

What's New Sites

"Software" Search Sites pinpoint where you can download Free, Shareware and For Sale software, demonstration applications, upgrades, image files and utility applications.

Software Search Sites

"Gopher" Search Sites locate pure text files generally - articles and writings. It is important, however, that you know what you are looking for. Gopher sites can be searched from many search engines. For people without Gopher access to the Web, Archie, Jughead and Veronica are well-known Gopher search indexes. Please note that only directory and files names are indexed. It is easy to find the works of Shakespere, for example, but not easy to locate who penned the famous phrase "To be or not to be."

Gopher Search Sites
  • ALEX gopher to: and select /Library Without Walls/Electronic Journals
  • ARCHIE telnet to: or to archie.sura.netand log in as archie.
  • Galaxy
  • VERONICA gopher to: and select /search

"E-Mail Address" Search Sites locate personal web pages and e-mail addresses at no cost. Additional registration fees bring additional search features, for example inquiries for outdated or old e-mail addresses.

E-Mail Address Search Sites

"Usenet News - Newsgroup" Search Sites identify and locate newsgroups or authors by limiting your searches to certain authors or newsgroups, and, by range of dates or by newer or older articles. [Alta Vista, Excite and InfoSeek also have Usenet searches also].

Usenet News - Newsgroups Sites

"Meta" Search Sites are those which allow you to send out a single inquiry to multiple databases simultaneously and then retrieve, organize and combine the results. These sites do perform such meta searches and (with the exception of Savvy Search) only one at a time.

Meta Search Sites

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