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Here at The WWWeb Factory we offer our clients a high quality web presence at affordable price. We are connected to the Internet via multiple high speed 1.544 megabit T-1 lines. We are 2 Hops off a Sprintlink T-3 hub, and 3 Hops off MAE-East. Many web providers operate an additional dial-up Internet service with many 1000's of users that slow down their connection to the Internet. For the benifit of our clients, we are not a local Internet provider, our T-1s are used only for web serving.

Why should you pay $100-$200 up front, and then $20-$30 per month for a single line entry in sombody's mall? Gee, For that much money, you should be able to get your own Web Site. With a good marketing campain your site should get a lot more business than you would in a mall.

Single line entries in a mall index, and then a single, typed screen will get you about 10 hits a month. Just think what would happen if you had your own Web Site! A REAL page, and a sub-domain name of your own!

How about an Internet address like:


not like:


How do you tell sombody what your internet address is when the mall's saddle you with something like that?

We arn't talking a single screen of typewriter font information either. You can have a few nice graphics, appropriate fonts, colors, and an appealing background to set your place up nicely. If you want us to do some marketing, we can get you onto over 250 search engines. This service is only $75 additional. That's less than $1 per database! It really pays off too.

A Small Business image might be in order. These Web Sites will run you a little more, as they take more work. Figure $50 to $150 per page, depending how contrived you need your pages. Don't forget the sub-domain setup fee of $50.

You might even want your own domain name. The setup for a Virtural Domain is only $75, and well worth it. Of course, you will have to pay InterNIC their $50 per year fee on your own, but we do all the drugery of getting you hooked up. Just think, www.MYPAGE.com could be all over the internet along with www.IBM.com and all the biggies. In fact, no-one will be able to tell the difference.

A good banner ad might be in order. We can do those too. Our Web Mistress has the touch, and the technique you need here. For a measly $50 she will craft an eye-catching banner ad that we will launch out to the internet browsing public. Specialty products can be targeted to just the right places too. Banner ad launching is only $50 for a great exposure tool. See our page on Web Site Promotions.

As we say here, "We spin the web to make a good image for you."

The WorldWideWeb Factory (W3F.com) has the services you need, the space you need, and the techniques to make your presence viable as well as cost-effective.

  • We can convert your photos to GIF or JPEG images.
  • We can create AVI, MOV or other formatted WebMovies from your VHS Tapes.
  • We can create Forms, write CGI programs, build guestbooks and counters.
  • We can build Databases, search engines, and client-side maps.

    We can do it! All you need is to ask, and then let our little old webmaster spin your new home on the World Wide Web.

    SPECIAL! Do you already have a page on one of those mall's?
    Then we have the deal for you. Check our Client Services Page.

  • The Setup Fee and Deposit of $50 is Required for all
    Design, Development, Production and Research Assignments.

    For further details...
    send an E-Mail request
    for your Web Site Design, Storage
    or Promotion Agreement

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